Podcast #336: How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone. It’s what puts hair on your chest, gives you those big manly, muscles, and fills you with fiery thumos. But testosterone levels in men living in the West have been on the decline during the past 60 years. Your grandfather and dad likely had more T when when they were the same age as you. To remedy the decline, offices in strip malls have been popping up that provide prescription testosterone replacement therapy. 

My guest today argues that while testosterone replacement therapy certainly has a place in treating low testosterone, it’s often used too quickly as a first recourse. He argues that the vast majority of men would be better off increasing their T levels through simple, natural lifestyle changes — a process he’s successfully accomplished himself. 

His name is Christopher Walker and he’s the author of the book Master Your T: The Definitive Guide to Raising Your Testosterone. Today on the show, Christopher shares how he raised his own T levels from almost nonexistent to optimal. We then discuss what the symptoms of low testosterone are, the main culprits of low T, and why this vital hormone has been decreasing in modern men. We dig into the benefits of having optimal testosterone (and no, it’s not just about sex and muscles). Christopher then goes deep into how testosterone is produced in the body and where things often go wrong in this process. We also get into brass tacks advice on what you can do to raise your T levels naturally and when you should visit a doctor for testosterone replacement therapy. 

Show Highlights

  • The biology of testosterone — how it works and is created in the body
  • How pituitary tumors affect puberty and testosterone
  • Why have testosterone levels been decreasing in men for the last couple decades?
  • How too much cortisol and stress hurt your T
  • Does exposure to unnatural chemicals — xenoestrogens — decrease your T?
  • The damaging effects of low testosterone
  • The benefits of optimal testosterone levels
  • Raising your T levels naturally vs drugs
  • What an optimal T level is, and the best way to get tested
  • Total T vs Free T
  • The importance of micronutrients to T levels
  • How important sleep is to your overall health, and T levels
  • Sex, masturbation, and testosterone
  • Training, exercise, weightlifting, and testosterone
  • Herbs and minerals to take to help with stress, fertility, and ultimately your T levels

Resources/People/Articles Mentioned in Podcast

Master Your T does a good job of summarizing and bringing together all the research out there about increasing your testosterone levels naturally. It also does a great job breaking down how testosterone is produced in the body which allows you to understand what you can actually do about low T levels. Pick up a copy on Amazon.

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