Stuff That Can Save Your Life: What To Do If Your Parachute Doesn’t Open While Skydiving

So you’re skydiving and it has come time to open your parachute. You rip the cord and nothing happens. What next? Well, firstly you try and stay as come as possible because crapping your parachute pants at 12,500 feet isn’t going to ameliorate the situation at all. In fact, if you crap your pants while flying through the sky the situation becomes a lot worse in an instant.

This video is half comedy and half practical knowledge. It’s from Austin McConnell‘s YouTube channel. He gives some advice on what to do in the event that your parachute doesn’t open while skydiving.

First things first, you try and make yourself as big as possible. You want to take up as much space as your body will allow to try and create some drag to slow yourself down and give yourself more time to handle the situation. Once you ditch your primary chute you go for the reserve chute. If that doesn’t deploy then…well, your chances aren’t good but you still have some options. Your best chance of survival is to land in swamp, snow, or trees. If you see any of these three things you start to head for them. If you’re going to land without a chute you need the softest ground possible. Now, I don’t want to spoil this entire video, so I’ll stop recapping it now and let you watch the clip above.