I got ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ early and spent 10 hours playing it — here’s what I think so far

About 10 hours ago, I lucked into a copy of Nintendo’s upcoming "Super Mario Odyssey." Ever since, I’ve been playing it nearly non-stop.

Good news: So far, "Super Mario Odyssey" is excellent.

Super Mario Odyssey

"Super Mario Odyssey" feels brand new, despite starring a decades-old character. It looks far better than it should on the Switch, a console that’s not quite as powerful as the competition.

And it seemingly evolves the long-running franchise once again, letting you play as dozens of unique characters. 

Like Mario’s old pal Bullet Bill, for instance:

Super Mario Odyssey

Here are my full impressions of the biggest game of the year, "Super Mario Odyssey," after 10 hours:

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WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead for "Super Mario Odyssey," including story and gameplay.

I’m going to speak explicitly about "Super Mario Odyssey" — this is a preview, after all. If you don’t want anything spoiled, turn back!

It doesn’t waste your time with a bunch of needless story.

The premise of "Super Mario Odyssey" is delightfully quick and simple.

Mario’s permanent nemesis, Bowser, has kidnapped Princess Peach and is forcing her into marriage. Mario’s not into that, which is seemingly why Bowser’s doing it in the first place. He shreds Mario’s hat and takes off in an airship. Typical!

But also whatever, right? How much motivation do you need to take out a villainous turtle dressed like a pimp?

Super Mario Odyssey

Relax: All of this plot set-up plays out in short order. 

"Odyssey" jumps right into the action.

After falling from Bowser’s airship, Mario lands in a world ruled by hat-obsessed ghosts — a convenient twist given his immediate past. One such ghost hat, named Cappy, befriends Mario and offers to team up on a mission to save their respective significant others. 

What that means for playing the game is that you can start throwing around Mario’s hat pretty much immediately. And that’s great, because that’s the new element at the heart of "Odyssey" — Mario can "capture" and inhabit various things, both living and not.

Before I fought a boss or even found the all-important airship (named "Odyssey") that Mario uses to travel from kingdom to kingdom, I’d "captured" a frog and done some insane things.

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