People Share The Ridiculously Extravagant Things They’d Purchase If They Woke Up Billionaires Tomorrow

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We’ve all been there. Anytime the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot gets up near $500 million we purchase tickets and immediately start thinking of what life will be like next week when we never have to worry about money again. Winning will never happen, but thinking about it is still an easy way to waste a few minutes in an otherwise mundane day.

Now, I can’t stop daydreaming after coming across this AskReddit thread where people all shared the ridiculously extravagant and often outrageous things they’d purchase if they woke up tomorrow and were billionaires. These ideas range from ‘hmm, yeah, I’d probably buy that too’ to ‘holy shit this person’s a genius’. Feel free to drop your idea down below in the comments on what you’d buy/do tomorrow if you woke up and had a billion in your bank account:

I’d have some really big statues of my mates commissioned and have them put in their gardens in the middle of the night to make them look like the kind of assholes that have statues of themselves.

As someone points out on Reddit, this idea receives bonus points if the statues have super tiny dongs or extra large dongs. Either way, this would be hilarious.

I’d build a bowling alley, then hire Steve Buscemi and John Goodman to reprise their Big Lebowski roles as Donny and Walter and hang out at least 8 hours a day.

I’d go to generic restaurants,give my waiter/waitress 100 dollars to send a glass of milk with ice in it to a specific table. The 100 dollars would be to keep quiet about who sent the milk.
I would do this several more times to the same table until they got visibly upset. No waiter in the world would stop sending ice milks, especially after I raise the offer to 500 dollars.
If I were a waiter I would gladly keep putting glasses of milk with ice in on someone’s table even if they were screaming in my face if I made 500 bucks each time.
So yeah, I would do ice milk, instant classic.

I would buy a retired missile silo, pimp it out, then have the hottest underground club around.

A full on workshop with a wood and blacksmith shop in one.

A house with one of those ridiculously large pools with like a waterfall and a slide and multiple jacuzzis. And I want wall-to-wall aquariums in my house. And I’d be one of those people who builds a mansion for their dog in the backyard. The dog can have its own pool and waterslide.

In app purchases in mobile games.

I would, somehow, find a way to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on pizza.

Penthouse apartment, 432 Park Ave., NYC. It’s not that I don’t have taste, its that I want it so badly.

I’d like to buy a large piece of land and all the dirt I could and be the new owner of the tallest hill in Denmark. Current tallest point in Denmark is 171 meters. I’d say making a 200-meter tall naturally-looking hill shouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for a bored billionaire.

My dream is to buy a plot of open land and dig a deep enough hole that I can put a 3 story doomsday house in there. Very bottom floor would be a furnace/ laundry room, it would have 3 powerful back up generators in case of disaster. In the middle of the bottom floor would be a giant fridge that is self cooled mostly by the earth, second floor would be the living area and top floor would hold at least 8 of my dream cars. The house that I have designed would be earthquake proof, fire proof and flood proof. I’d cover it with dirt and place a facade house on top and work it into a super air filter. Around the property would be solar power and windmills to generate electricity. And on top of it all the highest quality security system I can get my hands on

I’d spend half of it on a divorce

I really need new clothes. That’s extravagant to me hahaha. Imagine walking around and buying everything you liked. But I’d probably go hire a ton of people to finish my house renovations.

I will do it like how the Chinese Emperor did for so long.
A small walled city where the only residents are members of my harem who are assisted by dudes who cut off their dongs for money.

I would buy a copy of winrar.

(I would buy) A politician.

Me too.

I would hire the best full-time live-in chef money could buy.

A Warhammer 40k army painted by professionals


A diamond crusted chastity belt to guard my seed from gold diggers

Remember that billionaire-genius guy from Ex-machina? Yeah that would be me (minus the genius part) I’ll buy thousands of acres of forest. Get the best internet possible and maybe some security on the perimeter so no one will bother me. Also dogs, like at least 5 dogs.

If you’re a billionaire and don’t have secret rooms in your house, what are you even doing with you life?

I’d buy myself an emerald, an Arabian horse, a mansion with a bookcase that opens into a secret room, and a long leisurely trip around the world.

I’d probably purchase a fuck ton of piranhas and release them in the Everglades.
I would also release a shit ton of platypuses in the Everglades.
Next release a lot of African crocodiles and Cayman in the Everglades
Lastly I’d release a huge amount of Capybara in the Everglades.
After that debacle in the Everglades I’d next kidnap elon musk and some other genius Chinese genetic scientists with low morals.
Now with my scientists and elon musk I’ll have them perform experimental genetics on human and animal DNA, the Island of Dr Moreau style.
Finally with my last 100k I’ll donate it to the WWF.

Two girls at once

Clearly the most practical, saddest, and one that rings true for the most people around here:

I’d pay off my student loans in one go (quite extravagant if you ask me).

Well, bros, that wraps up the coverage from my end but if you want to keep on reading these AskReddit stories you can CLICK HERE to see that thread in full! As always, you can drop your story/ideas/thoughts in the comment section down below.