Want Stronger Bones? Better Start Ripping Shots Of Tequila (According To Science)

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A while back, I was surprised to learn on Bar Rescue that the Margarita is the #1 most sold cocktail in America. I was surprised until I realized that almost everybody loves tequila. Even if someone says they hate tequila they’ll still admit they’d rather take a shot of tequila than gin, right? Right.

Tequila’s led to some of the most memorable nights in my life. From watching the sunrise in Mexico on NYE to watching the sunrise from a rooftop in Manhattan, I’ve lost an inordinate amount of sleep thanks to tequila. As it turns out, tequila isn’t just a party elixir. It actually has some medicinal properties.

I came across this tweet last night from @robfoxthree referencing a FOX 11 article discussing how scientists had determined that tequila can potentially improve bone strength and density. Growing up, I was always told that I needed to drink milk in order to have strong bones. This is some game-changing news because I can’t stand drinking milk alone:

The 2016 study found that substances in the blue Agave tequilano plant, which is used to make tequila, improve the body’s absorption of calcium and magnesium.
As reported by Science Daily, both minerals are essential to maintaining good bone health.
The study, conducted by the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico, found mice that ingested agave fructans produced 50% more osteocalcin, which is a protein that signifies new bone production, than mice that did not.
The leader of the study, Dr. Mercedes López, said “The consumption of fructans contained in the agave, in collaboration with adequate intestinal micriobiota, promotes the formation of new bone, even with the presence of osteoporosis.” (via)

The article goes on to say that a report from Harvard suggests the negative effects of tequila might outweigh the positive effects of bone growth, and more research is needed in order to determine just how beneficial tequila and the blue agave plant is towards bone growth.

I’m sort of the ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ type of guy. So I’m going to just take this news and start ripping more tequila shots on the regular until research comes out that tells me I shouldn’t. Do I actually need stronger bones? Hell no. I’ve only broken one bone in my entire life and it was the tiniest bone in my wrist (intramural soccer at SMU got real). I’m not worried about my bone density. But that doesn’t mean I’m not down to grow some stronger bones.

To read the article in full on FOX 11 you can click here.

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