Recommended Reading: Trust your gut

Is Your Gut Microbiome the Key to Health and Happiness?
Amy Fleming,
The Guardian

You’ve likely heard the phrase "trust your gut" at some point in your life, but the key to being healthy and happy could actually lie in all of those organisms in your digestive system. The Guardian lays out the case for how influential your gut really is and discusses the act of "poop doping." Yes, that’s a thing.

Something Is Wrong on the Internet
James Bridle, Medium

A detailed look at the disturbing kids videos on YouTube and why it’s a major problem that’s doing real damage.

A Surfer and a Scientist Teamed up to Create the Perfect Wave
Jon Cohen, Science

It can be hard to find a beach that creates great waves for surfing, so surfing champion Kelly Slater teamed up with a fluid mechanics specialist to create the perfect conditions in an artificial lake.

How Journalists Fought Back Against Crippling Email Bombs
Julia Angwin, Wired

A subscription email attack hit ProPublica writers after publishing a story on extremist websites. Instead of folding, the journalists took action.

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