13 photos of the Su-57, Russia’s first stealth fighter that can outmaneuver the F-22 Raptor



The Su-57 could be the future of Russian military aviation — but there’s still a lot of questions hanging around the country’s first stealth fighter.

While Russia recently announced its desire to turn its first stealth fighter into a sixth generation plane, the Su-57 is still undergoing testing and has yet to be mass produced.

Moscow, nevertheless, touts the Su-57 as a more capable fighter than the F-22 Raptor, despite the fact that much of its capabilities are still classified.

While the two stealth planes are similar in design and other ways, they also have plenty of differences.

Here’s what we know thus far about the Su-57:

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The Su-57, originally called the T-50, made its maiden flight in January 2010.

Source: United Aircraft Corporation

Russian President Vladimir Putin himself even checked out the Su-57 after it first flew.

The most current Su-57 prototype is fitted with an Izdelie-30 engine, but it reportedly has been problematic and is slated to be tested near the end of 2017.

The fighter also only needs about 1,100 feet of runway length to take off. 

Source: TASS, globalsecurity.org, The National Interest

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