This image of gridlock traffic in LA makes Uber’s plans for flying cars seem like a great idea


CNN LA thanksgiving traffic

  • CNN posted an aerial video of gridlock traffic in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening.
  • AAA predicts that 89% of all Thanksgiving travelers will use their cars this year.
  • Uber’s plan to introduce flying cars to Los Angeles in 2020 could help relieve highway congestion.

Los Angeles is known for having bad traffic, but nothing compares to the days before Thanksgiving. After being named the most congested city in the world in October, L.A.’s highways are being put to the test as families try to get a head start on their Thanksgiving travel. On Wednesday, CNN posted an aerial video of the near-standstill traffic drivers are facing as they try to leave the city on Tuesday evening:

While Los Angeles residents will have a difficult time traveling this Thanksgiving, they won’t be alone. AAA predicts this year will see 50.9 million Americans traveling at least 50 miles away from their homes, the largest number since 2005. And 89% of all Thanksgiving travelers—45.5 million—will travel by car.

All of this might make Uber’s recently announced plans to introduce a fleet of flying cars appealing to Los Angeles commuters. While there are plenty of technological and regulatory hurdles the company will have to overcome, Uber hopes to begin testing its flying cars by 2020

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