The best part of Mark Zuckerberg appearing in front of Congress was the memes


Thankfully, there were memes.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had his big day on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, testifying in front of the Senate judiciary and commerce committees about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, which has rocked the company for the last few weeks.

As is the case with most congressional hearings, it was long, slow, and well, boring to watch for most. But with all eyes on a figure as large as Zuckerberg, the internet was in peak meme mode.

There were plenty of robot and lizard jokes.

There were also tons of references to the 2010 film The Social Network. 

Overall, Zuck’s awkwardness was completely picked apart. 

Even Getty Images took a jab.

And there was plenty of Myspace nostalgia.

Zuckerberg was not the only person to get ripped apart.

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SunVox is 10, and it is truly something worth celebrating


Sunvox is 10 years old. That’s an impressive thing to achieve for any product, and especially in the world of apps. When Sunvox started out of course there were no ‘apps’, and instead we had software and applications which magically morphed into ‘apps’ when the iOS app store arrived. But Sunvox predates all of that. I can remember waiting for Sunvox 1.0 to arrive so that I could try it out on my PalmOS device. Probably it would have been either a Palm T3, or a Treo 650.

Sunvox was cross-platform from date one. You could run it on PalmOS and Windows Mobile, and Windows desktop. The PalmOS and WinMo versions still exist, although they haven’t kept pace with the core application for obvious reasons, but the app has expanded and now runs on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, PocketCHIP and Pi. That’s pretty impressive stuff. I’m not sure that many other cross platform apps could claim quite so many.

But Sunvox isn’t a simple application, it’s a complete modular music engine in one go that really does put the V into versatile. It’s a tracker and much more. To be fair, it isn’t always the easiest music making tool to get your head around, but if you take the time to get to grips with it there is a big pay off to be had.

Of course, the developer, Mr NightRadio has plenty of other apps to show too. Some of them pretty experimental and all of them unique. If you want to find a full list, click here. NightRadio has also dipped his toe into the hardware pond too, with his QuantumDJ and QuantumVJ products, which are also very reasonably priced and a huge amount of fun.

It’s been a pretty impressive 10 years for Sunvox, and for NightRadio per se. Sunvox has come a long way, and now other developers can make use of the Sunvox library in their own projects. I have to admit to being interested in seeing what this yields and where, but it’s very recent, so I’m guessing it’ll take a while to filter through.

So here’s to a fantastic 10 years of Sunvox. I’m looking forward to another 10 years of more Sunvox and bigger and better things.

If this is all news to you and you’ve never heard of Sunvox, you can check it out on iOS:

On Android, and on Windows / macOS etc.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearing Has Produced Some Absolutely Hilarious Memes


Win McNamee/Getty Images

This is Mark Zuckerberg’s worst nightmare. The co-founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook is currently getting grilled by 44 lawmakers over its seemingly reckless usage of its 2.2 billion users’ private data and the role the company played in Russia’s interference with the 2016 election. The 33-year-old Zuckerberg, who has the charm of an unsalted cracker, is not built for this.

Zuckerberg, as terse and robot-esque as ever, apologized for the Cambridge Analytica debacle in which the British consulting firm collected the personal information of 80+ million Facebook users and used it to influence the opinions of voters.

“it’s clear now that we didn’t do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm, as well. That goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy.”

The hearing is as boring as it is important. And that’s where the internet picks up the slack. It has produced some laugh-out-loud memes. Check out the ones below for a good laugh.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo


You can watch ‘The Social Network’ for free right now, and it’s more relevant than ever


Is Mark Zuckerberg’s waxy, emotionless face still haunting your every waking moment after watching his exhausting congressional testimony? Yeah, us too

And in these dire moments, our best suggestion for a little relief is: turn to art. So after reading all the think pieces about what this means for the state of our world, we suggest processing the feels through David Fincher’s prescient, 2010 Oscar-winning masterpiece, The Social Network

The best part is that Mark Zuckerberg truly, deeply hates The Social Network. At the time of its release, he would not stop talking about its inaccuracies, namely its unfavorable depiction of him. In 2014, he claimed, “They just kind of made up a bunch of stuff that I found kind of hurtful.” A leaked email from the Sony hack even indicated that he tried to kill the movie.

Even better, though: You can now use the democracy of internet sharing that Zuck loves to champion so much against him, by streaming it for free.

Back in 2010, if you’d told us that Facebook would not only be responsible for your mom’s online presence, but also for selling your soul to the highest bidder and helping make Donald Trump the leader of the free world — we’d poke you and update our status to “feeling cahrazayyy lolllll.”

Seriously, though. There are few movies about technology that withstand the test of time. But rather than being outdated, The Social Network has only skyrocketed in its relevance.

Here’s where to stream or digitally purchase it:

How: Legit just follow the link above! No login. No money. Just easy streaming on your laptop or on your TV through Crackle-compatible devices.

Price: Free

How: Just purchase it through your regular old YouTube account.

Price: Rental $3.99, Digital Purchase $12.99

How: You need an Amazon account, but can enjoy it on all platforms that stream Amazon Video and Prime — but it is not free for Prime members.

Price: Rental $3.99, Digital Purchase $12.99

How: This one also costs you, but you can more easily stream it on Apple TV.

Price: Digital Purchase $12.99

How: Again, you’ll need an account. Unlike, say, Apple TV,  or Amazon Prime, though, streaming it to your TV through Roku or a compatible gaming console doesn’t require a subscription.

Price: Rental $3.99, Digital Purchase $12.99

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Opinion: There is Nothing Wrong with Image Grain and Your Photos Don’t Need to Be 100% Sharp


If you’re an amateur photographer, don’t worry about things like image grain all too much.

Image grain and sharpness are two things in the photo community that when you get into the more old school circles of thinking, is frowned upon. You’ll always hear “You should’ve gotten it in focus” or “You should’ve shot at a lower ISO setting.” It’s ingrained (pun intended) into the heads of so many photographers out there and that mentality continues to spread to so many others. But the truth is that technical matters of a photo are second to the subject matter.

Let’s visit some examples of this:

  • Every film that was made before IMAX and even HD video still looks great and Pulp Fiction will always be Pulp Fiction. It’s still a fantastic film.
  • The photographers of Magnum have all shot great images that still stand out even today.
  • Photographers such as those who shot classic concert images created images that didn’t necessarily become terrible because time went on and someone may have done something better. They’re still great images.

Why? Why does all this make sense? It’s because of the content. If you’re able to capture a moment that’s very heart warming and it can find a way to put a smile on someone’s face, then they’re bound to care about that image much more than they would something else. Content is king and it always will be. Now, that means that the subject matter still needs to be clearly visible; but it doesn’t need to be 100% visible. If a face is every slightly out of focus that can work well enough most of the time.

These arguments and ideas are what I genuinely like to call petty problems. These petty problems are typically manufactured rules that in theory work. But there are times when they can be broken or exceptions can be made. I’ll list for you below a number of petty things that folks may say.

“Why is the sky blown out?”

“Uggghhhh, why is this so grainy?”

“Why did you blow out the sky?”

“Why is there lens flare?”

“Why is there image grain?”

In all honesty, no one cares about any of these arguments when they look at it as a print or on a small scale device such as a phone or a laptop. They only care about these things when they enlarge them at 100%. The images above are a mixture of alright and mediocre content. And more than anything, that’s what’s making the image not so great. But let’s take a look at some better images.

Pro Tip: Manual focus lenses make you require the way that your brain tells you to shoot. Instead of just putting a viewfinder to your eye, focusing, and shooting, sometimes you pre-focus, put the viewfinder to your eye and either shoot immediately or touch up just a bit. You can do this using the depth of field scale.

It’s easy for someone to sit there and complain about the following:

  • It’s black and white
  • It’s sepia
  • Their coats are so dark
  • It’s a square photo

When in reality, the black and white is being used because the colors aren’t important, the black and white emphasizes the coasts being dark and forces you to pay more attention to what’s happening, and the square composition places them in just the right spot. So artistically, the photo works for many reasons. But many of those made up ideas and conventions are often the idea of a select few who wanted to dictate what should work and what shouldn’t work. It’s often as a result of wanting to stay on top of others and in control.

Pro Tip: This image was shot with Kodak Portra 400, which isn’t a slide film. But if you really want to start working with film, start shooting with your camera set to the daylight white balance so that you gain a familiarity with the various types of lighting scenarios and how they’ll affect your scene.

Someone else that sees this image is bound to ask “Oh, well why are the highlights blown out?” And the response: who cares? Look at the rest of the portrait and focus on the person.

The same way that a set designer may create a scene and put a major emphasis on just the subjects (the content) you’ll want to do that for your images.

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This adapter lets you mount any camera lens onto your smartphone


This adapter lets you mount any camera lens onto your smartphone

If you’re shooting videos with your smartphone, there are plenty of accessories that help to expand your possibilities. At NAB 2018, Cinematics International Co, Ltd introduced an adapter that lets you pair your smartphone with camera lenses. You can attach any professional lens onto your phone and turn it into a cinema camera.

As Lanxin Zheng of Cinematics International explains, the adapter covers many different lens mounts. She mentions Sony, Nikon, and Canon, but she adds that you can use “almost all of them.” The build of the adapter lets you hold the entire setup by its handle. But, if you use a larger lens, you should support the lens as well.

Zheng doesn’t give details about the price or availability of the adapter. For now, it’s being displayed at NAB, and we’ll let you know when we have more details.

This can be an interesting product for smartphone filmmakers, although it seems like it takes a little time to get used to using it. Still, I guess you’d get better results with a proper lens than the $35 smartphone superzoom.

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