Most Buzzed Designs of March 2018



Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in March 2018.


Created by a worldwide team of nearly 2000 designers, developers, and engineers, the polygonal Karlmann King SUV is based on the Ford F-550 chassis and packs a 6.8-Liter V10 gasoline engine.


Designed to spin at a break-neck 3600 RPM, plated with real gold, and with not one, but two halos, the Halospheres isn’t some lowly fidget toy.


Skateboards are cool. Electric cars are cool. Smash them together and you have the Mellow Drive!


The Keego is a squeeze bottle… but it isn’t made out of HDPE or PET, it’s made of titanium.


The cable, which is inspired by the tassels often found on women’s bags, means that the user needn’t worry about ever losing the cable on this powerbank.


This compact pressure cooker leaves little room for a large user interface, so it’s equipped with a holographic UI that displays on any countertop.


Elago’s leather Airpods case has a divine design. It wraps the case in high-quality natural cow-hide leather, available in both brown and black.


Mobile phones, and this is irrefutable, have always been about screens. Adding the camera to the mobile phone just catalyzed the screen race… and well, honestly, the race is close to its end… and with it, the golden age of smartphones.


This wireless charging design utilizes rare-earth magnets to cling on to your device so it can be removed quickly and easily as needed.


Why do phones and calculators have different numpads?


This case has an integrated UV light and heating system that sanitizes, disinfects and dries the utensils, ensuring they’re prepped for use the next time you need them!


Designed to be the thinnest and lightest wallet we’ve ever seen, the Micro Wallet is just 2.3mm thick, is durable, waterproof, eco-friendly, comes with space for 8 cards and cash, and even integrates RFID protection.


Designer Gao Yang decided to pay homage to Braun’s legacy in the form of type!


This plug-and-play system requires no major installation and can be connected in a jiffy to power all the onboard creature comforts of home like electronics, cooking appliances and climate control you need to stay comfy.


This design sports over 20 unique functionalities built into one compact unit you can take with you just about anywhere. You can literally throw out an entire toolbox in exchange for one tiny, titanium key!


Samsung’s latest series of QLED TVs come with what’s known as an ambient mode, that through the power of image capturing and incredible algorithms, turns the TV invisible, barring the beautiful thin bezel that you barely notice!


Is it a bike? A trike? A scooter? The TF1 is actually all three!


The Ovini Balance Stool relies on a hemispherical cushion and a series of ball bearings to give you a seat that allows you to shift and adjust your sitting angle to keep your spine active and engaged.


Designed to rest against a wall, this turntable comes with a mesh door that holds the vinyl in place, and the needle is built right into the door itself.


A Bluetooth keyboard can enhance your work but lugging two separate devices around isn’t ideal either. Designed with this in mind, the Cover Bluetooth Keyboard doubles as a place to safely store your tablet.


Thinking of studying industrial design? This post is a must read.


This pen’s non-cylindrical design provides a good amount of positives as a result. Fingers don’t cramp from holding something flat that doesn’t press into your skin, the pen doesn’t roll off flat surfaces, storing the pen with something as flat as a notebook seems much more comfortable.


The Whale fan, named after its ridges that resemble those on a whale’s belly, it’s ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand while safely concealing its fan blade safely.


Now you can channel your inner Thor superhero every morning with the Hammer alarm clock! Grab the hammer and slam it down on the rubberized base to shut off the alarm.


This fan literally blows and sucks! As more urban-based companies lean toward work-from-home policies, so does the need to have better indoor air quality at home.


The Cone mouse is a whole lot more aesthetically appealing if not entirely more ergonomic than the traditional mouse.


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Photographer composites hours of sporting events into brilliant single photos


Photographer composites hours of sporting events into brilliant single photos

What would it look like if many different moments from a sports game happened all at the same time? This is how I can only partially explain a brilliant series of images by photographer Pelle Cass. For the project titled “Crowded Fields,” he visits local college games and takes thousands of photos. He later merges them into single images, giving a chaotic and brilliant twist to sports photography.

As Cass told Booooooom, his pictures are “nonsense” in sporting terms. He avoids the narrative of a particular game or event and reorders not only the sequence of events, but also the relationship between audience and games. In his images, the crowds are on the field, not in the audience, which makes the photos even more unordinary.

When he is done taking photos, the long process of compositing begins. There are over five hundred layers in Photoshop which Cass uses to build the final image. He spends dozens of hours in the process, and he says that his rule is to change nothing. The artist only adds and subtracts, and he doesn’t even crop the images. As he tells Colossal, “it’s like slow-motion Tetris, trying to fit various shapes into various spaces.”

Pelle Cass has nearly fifty years of experience in photography behind him. This specific idea took a decade to evolve, as he tells Colossal. The photographer explains that the viewer never sees a single moment during a sporting event. Although you may remember a few individual moments, your general memory is “a bit more like a general impression of many-figured bustle and activity.” This general impression is what Cass’ images are depicting, and it sure is an unusual way of capturing sporting events.

Personally, I was never too drawn to sports photos. But Cass’ project shows sports games in a unique way, and I spent quite a lot of time watching and analyzing them. And I sure enjoyed the process. Take a look at more of these fantastic composites below, and visit Pelle Cass’ website and Instagram for more of his work.


[via Colossal, Booooooom]

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