How the work-life balance of one IT guy threw the NYC subway system into chaos


How the work-life balance of one IT guy threw the NYC subway system into chaos

The MTA had a crisis that only Miguel could fix.
The MTA had a crisis that only Miguel could fix.

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IT guys and gals get a bad rap for being grouchy cave people, but everyone knows that offices basically stop functioning without them.

That goes quadruple for one of the most notoriously dysfunctional mass transit systems in the world, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). Apparently, in the midst of a crisis, the MTA only had one (unreachable) IT guy capable of rebooting the broken ticket vending system. 

Hello, MTA? Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Hello, MTA? Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Recently, the NYC subway system’s deterioration has become a national laughingstock, political hot potato, and maddening reality for riders. Just four days after a particularly damning New York Times investigation landed last fall, the MTA announced its hiring of mass transit-veteran Andy Byford to turn things around as president of MTA New York City Transit. 

Now six months into the job, the New Yorker has published a detailed, charming, and wholly entertaining profile of Byford. In profiling its new master, the piece also shows a behind-the-scenes and at times hair-pulling account of how New York’s subway system functions.

One such revealing anecdote involves broken ticket vending machines, a frantic MTA war room, and an elusive IT guy named Miguel.

According to the piece, on a Friday evening, MTA ticket vending machines stopped accepting debit and credit cards. The MTA’s control center watched people jumping turnstiles on monitors and complaints explode on Twitter. The crisis even spread into the New Jersey transit and seemed to be ballooning before their eyes.

MTA officials were powerless to stop the chaos. As pointed out by the Washington Post’s Jeff Stein on Twitter, the one man capable of rebooting the vending system had a truly admirable work-life balance: Miguel was not answering his phone during his Friday night commute home to his town three hours north of the City, leaving the MTA bereft of IT support for this specific issue. 

In the piece, Byford vows to employ “a dozen Miguels trained up by Monday.”

When asked about the incident, the MTA told Mashable that the situation was a little bit more complicated than the inability to reboot, thanks to one off-the-clock man with a password. But it did confirm that, since then, four additional employees and two consultants were trained and given the ability that previously only resided within the mind of Miguel.

Twitter is definitely on #TeamMiguel, but thinks he should get some help.

All hail the IT wizardry of Miguel. And never, ever underestimate the IT crowd. 

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Sylvester Stallone’s Trainer Discussed The Workouts The 72-Year-Old Uses To Stay Jacked


Sylvester Stallone Trainer Workout Gunnar Peterson

Getty Image

Sylvester Stallone’s trainer Gunnar Peterson discussed some of the workout regimen the 72-year-old action star goes through to stay fit for films like the upcoming Creed 2.

However, Creed 2 probably isn’t going even be Stallone’s most physically demanding film he’ll be working on in 2018. According to a new report, Rambo 5 will begin filming in September of 2018 with Spain/Spanish Canary Islands potentially being used as the filming locations for the movie.

Speaking to Men’s Journal, Peterson says Sly doesn’t like to dick around when he hits the gym.

“Sly wants to get in, get after it, and get out,” said Peterson. “There are so many demands on his time right now because he is writing and starring in the movie, that there is an efficacy that he is looking to get out of his workouts.”

Peterson says Stallone’s workout sessions last for an hour each, usually four times a week, and he is always looking to try new things like the SMARTfit machine and the Power Tower to keep things fresh.

“Boxing is obviously a huge part of his life and his training,” Peterson told Men’s Journal. “He has built a lot of muscle, but it is important for him to keep his athleticism.”

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

That doesn’t mean Stallone has given up hangin’ and bangin’.

“There will always be free weights, cables, sleds, and ropes in Sly’s training,” said Peterson. “One of our usual rounds is having him push the sled, then pump out a bunch of push-ups between pushes.”

As for how Stallone manages to maintain such a physique at his age, Peterson says, “The way you look like that at that age is you never stop getting after it. You have to keep your foot on the gas. It doesn’t have to be on the floor, but it has to be down.”

Sly is most definitely still getting after it.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

And if you want to learn even more about how other famous people train, peep these workouts and diet plans…

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Stratospheric flight without a drop of fuel!



While Mr. Musk is invested in getting humans to places at breakneck speeds using unbelievable technologies, there may be one day where we circumvent this earth of ours without using a single drop of fuel. As the name suggests, SolarStratos is a manned aerial vehicle with a two-person capacity, an incredibly large wingspan, and the ability to completely run on solar power! The massive wingspan has a twofold purpose. It not only enables the plane to fly without using as much propelling power, but it also comes with solar panels mounted all over it.

The Swiss-based company’s plane sets records for being the first solar-powered airplane to reach heights of 25,000 meters. Made from custom as well as off-the-shelf parts, the SolarStratos comes with an Austrian-made 20 kWh battery, solar panels from California-based SunPower, and given the heights it reaches, the pilots will be clad in specially designed pressurized spacesuits made by Russian company Zvezda.

SolarStratos’s founder Raphaël Domjan hopes to develop a technology that can battle climate change and champion solar power over high octane fuel. Once the technology is proven to work, the company aims to build a 3-manned vehicle too that will include a pressurised cabin and will operate commercial space tourism flights as soon as 2021.

Designer: Raphaël Domjan (SolarStratos)














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These 13 medical technologies are changing lives


These medical technologies are changing the future and providing alternatives for the medical world. Following is a transcript of the video.  

13 medical advances that are changing lives

#1 The iWalk 2.0 is a hands-free crutch that helps with everyday tasks. It helps transfer the stress and strain of hands, wrists and underarms to your legs.

#2 Bronchial Bronchial Thermoplasty System can help treat severe asthma attacks. A flexible tube is passed through the patient’s nose or mouth. An expandable electrode array emerges from the tip of the device.

#3  Naked Prosthetics help give amputees motor function and protection. They are custom-developed for those with finger loss. They help amputees perform most tasks by mimicking natural finger motion.

#4  This device removes large blood clots. It’s the MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System by Capture Vascular. A wire is inserted through the blockage. It can deploy, expand, and pull back the blood clot.

#5  This tube called Venti Gel instantly stops bleeding. The material is made from algae. It is made from small polymers that reassemble into a mesh to create a strong mechanical barrier and stop the bleeding.

#6  This tiny machine could remove cholesterol plaque from arteries. The device attaches to the wall of the artery to stop the blood flow and prevent breakaway plaque. The drill then scrapes the plaque away from the artery wall.

#7 This robotic pill knows just when to release medicine. The pill travels through the body without dissolving. Once it reaches the large intestine, the compartment opens and the medicine is released.

#8 Crutches are getting a redesign that could make them more comfortable. M & D crutches shift the weight to the elbows and offer more control. You can rotate them away for hands-free use. They allow patients to reach higher while the feet absorb shock and prevent slippage.

#9  The "Bridge-Enhanced" ACL repair may be the future of knee surgery. A protein sponge is inserted between the torn ligament filled with the patient’s blood. The damaged ends are then pulled together in the sponge.

#10 Surgeons in New York completed the most complex facial transplant to date. Patrick Hardison, a former fireman got trapped inside of a home fire in Mississippi. It was a 26- hour surgery to replace his entire face.

#11 These prosthetics are incredibly realistic. Dianceht makes custom prosthetic parts that are silicon-based and hand-painted. They are attached using suction or medical glue.

#12 Craniotomy is a procedure that exposes the brain to remove tumors. This procedure allows surgeons to access the tumor through the skull.

#13 XSTAT can plug a gunshot wound in under 20 seconds. This large syringe is loaded with tiny sponges that can quickly expand on contact with blood to tightly pack the wound.


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Wedding photographer breaks groom’s nose after learning that the bride is 15 years old


Wedding photographer breaks groom’s nose after learning that the bride is 15 years old

Wedding photographer Onur Albayrak from the eastern Turkish province of Malatya has recently beaten up a groom. He learned that the bride-to-be was only 15 years old, which resulted in a fight and him breaking the groom’s nose. The local media outlets report that he tried to stop the wedding, and the photographer has received a lot of support since this happened.

Hürriyet Daily News writes that Albayrak was hired to photograph the wedding at Malatya’s Turgut Özal Nature Park on 5 July. He reportedly noticed that the bride-to-be didn’t look like an adult, so he asked the groom about her age. After learning that she was only 15 years old, the photographer reportedly reacted fiercely. The two men started fighting and the photographer reportedly broke the groom’s nose.

In a Facebook post Albayrak wrote two days after the incident, he confirmed what had happened at the wedding:

 “Yes, the reports are correct. A child bride means child abuse, and no force in the world can make me photograph a child as a bride.”

As Hürriyet Daily News reports, the groom had come to Albayrak’s studio two weeks before and he was alone. Therefore, the photographer saw the bride for the first time on the wedding day:

“She’s a child, and I felt her fear because she was trembling. The groom attacked me as I was leaving.”

According to Turkish law, the minimum age to get married is 18. However, some sources claim that as much as one-third of the women in Turkey get married under the age of 18. Although child marriage is punishable by jail, there’s a discrepancy in the legal framework, which is why so many child marriages still exist.

Ever since he tried to justify his move in the Facebook post, Albayrak has received plenty of positive comments. People have called him a hero, supporting him and saying that the world needs more people like him. Even though I am strongly against violence, I’m also against child marriages. Just like Albayrak, I think it’s a form of child abuse, and it’s definitely something we should fight against.

[via Hürriyet Daily News]

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