The Internet Is In A Heated Debate About Toast And There Seems To Be No Right Answer



Another summer weekend is upon us, which means there’s not a hell of a lot to talk about on the internet.

Not counting all the things wrong with our government.

That said, there’s a heated debate raging, and it revolves around everyone’s 4th or 5th favorite breakfast item – toast.

Ann Wilson, lead singer of Heart (ask your mom), posted this photo and asked for the “correct” answer to the level of done-ness for toast.

Personally, I fall in the 3/4 range but only because I’m impatient as hell. Waiting for food is torture.

I’m the person who makes eggs and bacon but makes bacon first and then eats it all before the eggs are done.

People had things to say about this toast issue.

Obviously, that last person is either a murderer or the President.

Because this is the internet, there’s a YouTube tutorial on how to properly make toast.

Good luck at breakfast tomorrow.




How to Be a Better Friend


We all have the habit of falling into the cycle of work and sleep and forgetting to respond to a friend’s text or missing an important date in their lives. But it’s important to maintain the friendships we have; after all, there’s no shortage of studies that suggest that friendship is good for our well-being and might even extend our life expectancy. Given just how hard it is to make new friends as an adult, here’s how to strengthen the friendships you already have.

Initiate plans

If you’re flaky, the kind of person who is constantly unwilling to commit to things—it’s time you change that. For one, it’s easy for a friend to interpret that unwillingness to make plans as “I’m not interested in seeing you,” even if that’s untrue. (If it is true, well, that’s another story.)

Obviously, the easiest way to combat this attitude is to accept any invitations from friends. The other solution is to initiate plans more often, so your friend doesn’t get the impression you’re avoiding them. You should initiate specific plans—a time, a date, and a place—so you’re not just sending vague smoke signals that you want to meet up. Better yet, make it a regular weekly or monthly hangout if you can, so you’ll it becomes part of your regular routine.

And if you cancel the plans for whatever reason, you’ll need to be the one to initiate plans next time; barring any emergency, it’s never cool to cancel last-minute. Regardless, staying in touch is important, even if it’s just a casual text, too.

Make plans on their terms

This brings us to another important tip: Be willing to make plans that don’t accommodate your needs only. When you meet a friend, decide on a time and a place that’s convenient for them (and not around the block from your apartment). It’s a simple gesture that shows you care for their needs, too.

For this reason, I try to make plans that are convenient for my friends, whether it’s trekking the 45-minute subway ride to Bushwick or a restaurant close to their work.

Remember important dates

Are you the kind of friend who doesn’t wish another friend happy birthday until a week after it’s passed? It happens, though that’s an especially criminal example. As u/C8H10N4O2xlife suggests on a recent Reddit thread (and we’ve written about before), don’t forget those important dates, like birthdays or other important events in your friends’ lives.

“Often times I actually make calendar reminders for any of the big things those 4-6 people mention—family trips, concerts they’re looking forward to, deadlines they’re worried about,” they wrote. “It might be weird to do for people you’re not super close with….but it helps me remember to be involved with those 4-6 and they seem to really appreciate it.”

When the date comes up, send them a simple text and ask how it’s going—these little gestures are actually meaningful. You show you’re thinking of your friend, that when they’re not around, they’re still on your mind.

Put down the phone

If you want to be a better friend, you’ll have to learn how to listen better, too. (For most of us, this might be easier said than done.) As Fast Company writes, sometimes, we might have a tendency to listen because we’re being polite, not because we’re genuinely curious.

“If we ever finish a conversation and learned nothing surprising, we weren’t really listening,” Hal Gregersen, executive director of the MIT Leadership Center, told Fast Company.

Engaging without having an agenda is key; listen without judgment and interruption. Wait until they’ve finished a story and ask questions (genuine ones, of course).

Give up the bad friends

In order to be a good friend, you should have friends who are good to you, too. I have a number of flakier friends who change plans several times before we meet up or show up an hour late.

Over time, I learned it wasn’t always worth it to end up in a week-long exchange via text when I knew they would inevitably alter or cancel plans altogether. And since my early 20s, I’ve whittled down my friendships to three good friends I can count on.

In other words, part of being a good friend is learning when to say no to some friends and devoting your time and effort to others. You don’t have to keep in touch with absolutely every friend from college or colleague you liked—that’s what Facebook’s for, after all—so recognize those who matter to you most.

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Trump gets mocked after tweeting that the Moon is part of Mars


Trump doesn’t think we should send anyone to the moon — instead, the president wants to send people to Mars. But our fearless leader seems to be confused about how planets work, and the internet is already tired. 

Despite his previous support for lunar missions, the president is over the moon. 

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted that instead of sending astronauts to the moon — because “we did that 50 years ago” — NASA needs to focus its efforts on sending people to Mars. That’s a reasonable request; in fact, NASA itself has been laying out plans to further explore the red planet aerially with a helicopter in 2020. 

But Trump didn’t mention the advancements NASA has made toward that goal, and instead continued, “They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!” 

It’s unclear what he means by that. Does he believe the moon is part of Mars? While it’s true that Mars has its own moons — two, actually! — the moon we landed on 50 years ago, our moon, orbits planet Earth. 

Here’s the most likely explanation: Trump probably got turned around, but his tweet has some factual backing. 

NASA has an extensive plan in place to sustainably build up resources on the moon, and use that to launch further missions to Mars. It wants to build a base on the moon, called the Gateway, which would act as a stepping stone to exploring deeper into space. The organization says “exploration of the moon and Mars is intertwined,” and establishing a lunar base is an opportunity to “test new tools, instruments, and equipment that could be used on Mars.” Essentially, the moon would serve as a test drive for human journeys to Mars, since it’s significantly closer than the 34 million mile trip to the red planet. 

So it’s possible that Trump heard that plan and condensed it into his own version. Reporters noted that the plan was recently discussed in a Fox News segment. 

That didn’t stop other Twitter users from mocking Trump’s tweet, though. 

It isn’t the first time Trump’s actively shouted about the final frontier. He raised eyebrows last year with plans for a military branch he dubbed the “Space Force,” which would protect us from all the very obvious threats of the galaxy. But like Vox notes, NASA’s 2024 plans for the Gateway is already very ambitious, and getting enough funding in time is dubious. 

Until then, the president will probably continue yelling about it.

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Fancy a photography field trip to the ISS? No problem, that’ll be $60 million, please


Fancy a photography field trip to the ISS? No problem, that’ll be $60 million, please

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Do you admire breathtaking images of the Earth from space? Would you like to take photos like that with your own camera? Well, now you can, as NASA is opening the International Space Station (ISS) for tourists. For the mere $60 million, you also can go up there and who knows, perhaps shoot another iconic photo of our home planet.

NASA has announced that the first mission is set to start as early as 2020. The space agency is making the ISS available to business ventures and private astronaut missions lasting up to 30 days. “If supported by the market, the agency can accommodate up to two short-duration private astronaut missions per year,” NASA writes. But as I mentioned, it won’t come cheap.

According to the New York Times, the stay at the ISS will cost one passenger roughly $35,000 per night. This will include sleeping in the station’s beds and using its amenities, “including air, water, the internet and the toilet.” But just like with any other travel, you don’t only pay for the stay, right? Transportation is also a part of the cost, and BBC estimates that it will cost around $60 million per flight. According to the same source, NASA has hired two companies to handle transportation. One is SpaceX, which will use its Dragon capsule, and the other one’s Boeing, which is building a spacecraft called the Starliner.

Other than millions of dollars, do you need anything else for the trip? Yes, you do. It’s a space journey after all, so you need to be fit and healthy like a real astronaut. NASA writes that private astronauts should “meet NASA’s medical standards and the training and certification procedures for International Space Station crew members.”

Let’s say you have the $60 million and that you’re in perfect shape? Well, get your cash ready, charge your camera batteries and get up there. Just don’t forget your memory cards!

[via Gizmodo, NASA; image credits: NASA]

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Best Entry Level Oscilloscopes for Beginners and Hobbyists 2019


Nowadays, we can easily get a really good oscilloscope with plenty of features without spending a fortune. In this article we will take a look at several entry level, inexpensive oscilloscopes and we will try to find the best oscilloscope suitable for electronics beginner or hobbyist.

How to Choose an Oscilloscope?

When choosing an oscilloscope there are many different parameters and specifications to consider. Here’s a list of some of the most important factors through which you can understand what would be the best oscilloscope for you.

  • Bandwidth – Bandwidth is often considered to be the single most important specification of an oscilloscope. It defines the range of the frequencies that the oscilloscope can accurately measure. It’s measured in Hertz and for entry level scopes that’s usually in the Mega Hertz region. The bandwidth of the oscilloscope should ideally be 5 times higher than the maximum frequency of the signal, in order to allows for accurate representation of the wave from.
  • Sample rate – The sample rate refers to the number of samples the oscilloscope can take per second. The higher the sample rate, the greater the resolution of the waveform. This provides more accurate representation of faster signals or detection of sudden events.
  • Memory depth – The memory depth is the amount of data or samples the oscilloscope can store. With higher memory depth we can store, display and analyze wider portion or time frame of the signal.
  • Number of channels  – The number of channels or inputs is an important factor for an oscilloscope because it determines how many signals you are able view and analyze at the same time. Entry level oscilloscopes usually have 2 or 4 channels.
  • Price – Well, whatever we are buying, the price is always an important factor. Why spending thousands of dollars for an oscilloscope when we can get a really good oscilloscope for just couple of hundred dollars, especially if we are just beginners or hobbyist in electronics.

Best Entry Level Oscilloscopes

So, considering the above specifications let’s take a look at several entry level oscilloscope and determine what’s the best oscilloscope for an electronics beginner or hobbyist.

Please note: There are affiliate links in this post. This means that at no cost to you, I may make a small commission if you purchase through these links. I would appreciate your support in this way!

Rigol DS1054Z

Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope - Best Oscilloscope For Beginner 2019

  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz, hackable to 100 MHz
  • Sample rate: 1 GSa/s
  • Memory depth: 12 Mpts, up to 24 Mpts
  • Number of channels: 4

Check prices……. Amazon / Banggood

The Rigol DS1054Z is one of the best-selling oscilloscopes since its release. Although the price is higher than most, it’s really worth it. It features 4 input channels and a bandwidth of 50 MHz, which is hackable to 100 MHz. It has a sample rate of 1GSa/s and relatively huge memory depth of 12 MPts, which is upgradable to 24Mpts.

The 7-inch display, with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, is big enough to show the 4 channels together. This enables better usability and makes it perfect for analyzing and comparisons of multiple signals at the same time.

The case is made out of heavy-duty, scratch-resistant plastic, and all buttons and connections are quite solid. The overall build quality of this oscilloscope as good as that of an expensive top-brand.

Hantek DSO5102P

Hantek DSO5102P - Best Cheap Oscilloscope

  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Sample rate: 1 GSa/s
  • Memory depth: 40 Kpts
  • Number of channels: 2

Check prices……. Amazon / Banggood

The Hantek DSO5102P features a bandwidth of 100 MHz and a sample rate of 1 GSa/s. It has 2 input channels which is common number for entry level scopes, but of course, good enough for most electronics beginners or hobbyists. The memory depth is 40Kpts and it has a 7-inch colored display.

This oscilloscope is a really good choice for beginners with good user interface and menus that are intuitive to use.  Also, The Hantek DSO5102P is probably the best cheap oscilloscope you can get on the market because it offers so many good features for such a low price.

Hantek DSO4102C

Hantek DSO4102C - Best Oscilloscope for Electronics Hobbyists

  • Bandwidth: 100 MHz
  • Sample rate: 1 GSa/s
  • Memory depth: 40 Kpts
  • Number of channels: 2

Check prices……. Amazon / Banggood

The DSO4102C is another oscilloscope from Hantek which has similar specifications as the above DSO5102P. It has 2 input channels, 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 GSa/ s sample rate, 40 Kpts memory depth and a 7-inch 64K color display.

What makes this oscilloscope interesting for electronics beginners and hobbyists is that it comes together with an arbitrary/ functions waveform generator. It’s 25MHz with 12 bit resolution and can generate arbitrary waves, square waves, sine waves, triangle waves etc.

Siglent SDS1202X-E

Siglent SDS1202X-E - Best Inexpensive Oscilloscope Comparison

  • Bandwidth: 200 MHz
  • Sample rate: 1 GSa/s
  • Memory depth: 14 Mpts
  • Number of channels: 2

Check prices……. Amazon

The Siglent SDS1202X-E has a bandwidth of 200 MHz, sample rate of 1 GSa/s and memory depth of 14 Mpts, which is quite impressive considering its price tag. This allows capturing better signal and ability to identify more complicated problems that other devices miss. It has a 7-inch color display and has an intuitive user interface with knobs and buttons that feel solid.

Siglent is one of the most trusted manufacturer of high quality oscilloscopes. The SDS1000X-E series new generation of SPO technology provides excellent signal accuracy and high performance in every use.

Siglent SDS1052DL

Siglent SDS1052DL Budget Friendly Oscilloscope

  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz
  • Sample rate: 500 MSa/s
  • Memory depth: 32 Kpts
  • Number of channels: 2

Check prices……. Amazon

The SDS1052DL is the most affordable oscilloscope from Siglent. Obviously, that means that it comes with a little bit lower specs compared to the above mentioned SDS1202X-E. It features 50 MHz bandwidth , 500 MSa/s sample rate and 32 Kpts memory depth. It’s dual channel and has a 7-inch display.

This digital oscilloscope is surprisingly accurate, and also has many features and it’s easy to use. It is one of the best beginner oscilloscopes you get, considering the brand and its price tag.

My Recommendations for Best Oscilloscope for Beginners or Hobbyists

Well, in my opinion the Rigol DS1054Z is the best oscilloscope for beginners or hobbyists. Yes, it comes with the highest price tag of all of the above mentioned oscilloscopes, but simply it delivers and it’s worth it.

Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope - Best Oscilloscope For Beginner 2019

Check prices……. Amazon / Banggood

In case you are on a lower budget, then go for the Hantek DSO5102P. It has very similar features and specs as the Rigol, and it only comes shorter by 2 channels and slightly lower build quality.

Hantek DSO5102P - Best Cheap Oscilloscope

Check prices……. Amazon / Banggood

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. Feel free to ask or suggest anything in the comments section below.


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Recommended Reading: The music streaming payday won’t go to artists


The record industry expects a windfall. Where will the money go?
Marc Hogan,

It’s no secret the music industry is booming on the back of streaming services. However, it seems like not much will change in terms of where all the money goes. Pitchfork explains that much of the revenue will stay in the "upper echelon" of the industry rather than going to most of the people actually making music. "And yet, just as it’s been throughout the history of recorded music, most of the money will not go to artists," Marc Hogan writes.

Want to play pro baseball? There’s an app for that.
Ben Lindbergh,
The Ringer

It’s draft time for Major League Baseball, and many of the top prospects have been fine-tuning their game with an app. That’s not the crazy part though. It was built by a dad with no baseball background.

Fact-checking the President in real time
Jonathan Rauch,
The Atlantic

It’s not easy trying to fact-check President Trump in real time, even if you’re employing multiple bots to help. When you expand the task beyond a single speech, things get exponentially more difficult.

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Overprotective Wife’s List Of Crazy Bachelor Party Rules For Husband Goes Viral

Overprotective wife gives insane demands for husband to go to bachelor party.


Women typically aren’t super jazzed when their husbands or boyfriends get invited to a bachelor party. Whether it is the heavy drinking, the strip clubs, the potential to cheat or all three, overprotective wives and overly attached girlfriends cringe at the thought of their man going to a bachelor party. One jealous wife attempted to put a kibosh on her husband attending a bachelor party by demanding that he agree to a crazy list on overbearing rules before he was even allowed to go to the stag party.

The woman allegedly posted her tyrannical list of rules on Facebook and they’re pretty nuts. The succubus successfully eradicates any hint of fun with her list of demands. The Facebook status update was posted on the Insane People of Facebook Reddit last week and quickly went viral.

The list starts out as pretty reasonable — no illegal drugs. That’s a fair request. The second rules says “no cigarettes,” which is again a sensible plea since her husband quit and she doesn’t want him to fall off the wagon.

The third demand says that her husband can’t drink because “alcohol leads to bad decisions.” Yeah, that’s kinda the point. Then the wife makes it known that the bachelor party is not allowed to have any strippers or dancers because the men are married. They’re married, not dead.

This buzzkill tells her husband that they can’t rent fast cars and they’re only allowed to take taxis. What is this nonsense?

Then she goes into complete NSA mode by saying that “phones need to be tracked at all times.” That’s when the guys need to drop their phones off at the local Applebee’s while they go out and drive fast cars to strip clubs.

No swearing? Is this your mom or your wife? It’s a bachelor party not Sunday mass.

The overly attached wife insists that her husband must be home by midnight. What happens if he isn’t home by midnight, does he turn into a pumpkin?

The next rule is “no hurting each other (including play wrestling).” Again, this woman wants to be her husband’s mom not his wife. The last commandment on the list is no gambling. This guy is gambling with his future if he stays married to this wet blanket.

After receiving feedback from her Facebook friends and family, the wife finally came to the conclusion that she “can’t control him once he leaves the house” and she “can’t control his friends.” So she completely barred him from even going to the bachelor party. Dude, run, don’t walk, run away from this miserable, joyless, untrusting relationship!