Watch CBS livestream the original 1969 Apollo 11 launch broadcast


If you weren’t alive to witness the historic Apollo 11 mission, CBS has the next best thing. The US broadcaster is livestreaming the original broadcast from July 16th, 1969, letting you relive it as many of us saw it originally — corny commercials included.

The countdown is at about 5 minutes as of the original writing (around 9:32 AM ET), so you’ll need to tune in quickly to see the launch. Walter Cronkite is famously narrating it, with a color commentator you might have heard of, 2001: A Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke. Check out the video above, or watch it from CBS’s news site here.

from Engadget

Bathroom designs that you can escape to: Part 2


Bathrooms are the little alcoves where we can let our individuality flourish! Given their size and erratic shapes, collecting and organizing the same space is sure like trying to solve with a jig-saw puzzle. Be it minimal, oversized or your personal green zone, this curated selection of bathroom designs is here to inspire you to innovate, reimagine and redecorate that space. Check out our Part 1 of bathroom designs to inspire you better!

Archway inspired bathroom by ITLAS

Olympia Ceramica Introduces Vinyl Inspired Bathroom Sinks by Gianluca Paludi 

The key to bold minimalism is combining striking visuals with functionality, like this stunning honeycomb floor by Casey Keasler 

A bathroom design rendered by M.Serhat Sezgin

Copenhagen Apartment inspiration with all that black and white and fine little tiles by Emil Dervish 

Minimal bathroom accessories by Nichba Design 

All-over penny tile in various ocean hues create a soothing bathroom design by Hatchet Design|Build 

Architecture Studio 07Beach has placed a bathroom alongside a central courtyard at the center of this house in Kyoto to give the clients the feeling of “open-air bathing” in their own home. 

Featuring Pantone shades, this bathroom is designed by Rafaelle Velasque 

Inspiring Bathroom and ceiling by Future Nordic Home 

from Yanko Design